bass & voice
PAUL HAROID (Paolo M.): drums
J.S.: guitar
(October - November 1979)

198X  (June/November 1979)

In the summer of 1979 Tonito and Paolo M. recruit Alberto on guitar -198X are born. Paolo M. changes his name in Pablito, and in a mock spanish calambour the newcomer is baptised Al Todo (Todo meaning 'all' in spanish). The trio assembles a quick live set for a live performance in Milan as Decibel's support band at the 'Sex Party Punk', an art/fashion event staged at Preart (an art gallery, 6-21-1979). The event is featured in an issue of 'Punk Artist', a mag directed by Graziano Origa, "Italy’s Andy Warhol". It was rumoured that ‘Interview’, the real Andy Warhol's would report on the evening (a photographer from the magazine was there that night). 198X start toying with the idea of a self-financed EP, but money is lacking. In the meantime, J.S. joins on rhythm guitar and the number of original songs grows (Questions, Below Zero, Vietnam, Compromise). The new line-up headlines at Odissea 2001 in Milan (11-26-1979). The gig is reviewed by La Repubblica. In early 1980 group members pose individually for a famous fashion griffe, and around that time Paolo M. begins rehearsals with the Gags, his favourite band, after sitting in with X-Rated for a couple of rehearsals. Part of the money raised through the “fashion job” is invested in a recording session, which Tonito hopes to translate onto vinyl. Shortly after he books a studio to record 3 numbers for a possible e.p. release (Below Zero, Compromise and Lowdown), but the results are disappointing, the project is abandoned and the group disintegrates. Paolo M. joins The Gags and J.S. leaves for London. Tonito will go on with other incarnations of 198X, playing live shows in the early 80s. by passerotto room service 2004