JAEJO (Glezos):  voice, guitar, bass, viola, piano

IVAN (Paolo M.)  drums

(January 1983 - May 1984)

Weeks after the Gags' breakup, Glezos and Paolo M. start SCHWARZ OF GALIORKA. Somehow influenced by post-psychedelic weirdness (Alice Cooper, Sparks, Arthur Brown) and proto-punk bands (Doctors Of Madness, Punishment Of Luxury), the group is actually a studio project, with Glezos overdubbing all instruments bar the drums, courtesy of Paolo M.: a forced choice, since the recruitment of other members proves beyond any hope. The duo with the strange monicker (a weird, selfmade german-russian combination, which tentatively means 'The People In Black In The Balcony') go through a heavy schedule of demos recorded at Palmito Studios, a 8-track semi-professional studio in S. Giuliano Milanese (Milan). SOG's intention is to release a self-produced mini-album titled 'Horror! Horror! Schwarz Helluva!', which in the duo's intentions would include 6 tracks on a one-sided, 12" lp. In the meantime, Vidocq and Top Hat join respectively as artwork designer and manager. SOG keep writing and recording, but after a long and heated internal debate the mini-album is cancelled, as the duo embark in a series of acoustic demos recorded at Radio Popolare in Milan. In October 1983 Kindergarten Records in Florence offers a deal, but after beginning pre-production at the label’s recording facilities the duo declines. In january 1984 SOG release the rare, promo-only 12" Goatsucker/Voilà Hack'n'Slash on their Gates Of Heaven label (200 copies are pressed). After disappointing rehearsals with a number of guitar and keyboard players, SOG break up in spring 1984. in 2010 Hate Records releases ‘Horror! Horror! Schwarz Helluva!’ (vinyl only, 50 copies in blood red pressing), the projected-then-withdrawn 1983 album. 'Tapes Of Mistery And Imagination', a CD released in 1996 by El Passerotto, includes all the studio recordings of the most adventutous Italian post-punk group.

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