D.D.T.: voice
PAUL DAMPER (Paolo M.): drums
DODO: guitar
TONITO: bass

BORSTAL DAMPERS  (November/December 1978)

One of Milan's earliest punk groups, Borstal Dampers form in late October 1978 on the wake of Adam & the Ants' gigs at the X Cine Theatre in Milan (16/17-10-1978). The group's founding members are singer D.D.T. and drummer Paul Damper (Paolo M.), joined by Dado on guitar and Flame Mag on bass. The group's repertoire is based on a handful of punk cover versions, including P.I.L.'s Public Image, the Clash's London's Burning and Sham 69's Borstal Breakout. Heavily influenced by Siouxsie & the Banshees' debut album, the group start rehearsing originals, all penned by D.D.T.. Among them, Sturmtrooper is a note-by-note reworking of the Banshees' Suburban Relapse, while the words to Fuckin' Poseur are taken from a poem by Mark P. published in his Sniffin' Glue fanzine. BD played at the infamous Sabatok Folle festival in Milan (9-12-1978), where D.D.T. burned a copy of Pogo fanzine on stage for unclear reasons (an imitation of Paul Weller's famous Sniffin' Glue incident). Il late December 1978 Flame Mag leaves the group, and Tonito (T.V. Vampire's ex-singer) takes over on bass. More and more heavily influenced by the Banshees, the group changes its name in Mittageisen in January 1979.

No Borstal Dampers recordings have survived.


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