bass & voice
PAUL HAROID (Paolo M.): drums

CHAOS BROTHERS  (April/May 1979)

Immediately after Mittageisen's breakup, Tonito and Paolo M. form the CHAOS BROTHERS, a name borrowed from a Lurkers' number in a flexi-disc included in early copies of the Ain't Got A Clue single. The recruiment of a guitar player proves quite difficult, so the duo begins a series of rehearsals in a minimalist, bass + drums format. Covers (Wire's Lowdown and David Bowie's Panic In Detroit) and a few original numbers (Chaos, Pancroc) are quickly assembled. One of the latter is titled 198X. In June 1979 it will be adopted as the band's new name.


Instrumental (I)
Instrumental (II)
We're Living In A Machine (first version of "Chaos") by passerotto room service 2004