ANX ARMY (Glezos): voice
LAMB: guitar
GEAR: drums
BITE: bass

THE GIRLS  (January / March 1979)

The Girls is the monicker used for a short period of time by ex members of T.V. Vampire. The name is inspired by Adam & the Ants' 'Deutscher Girls' . After a couple of months spent rehearsing cover versions the band starts working on original songs -all penned by Anx Army- in a very rigid and disciplined schedule of rehearsals. The group's original repertoire grows quickly. Jordan, Awbehr Babie, Fave In The Base, S/M Boyscout, So Tender and Maximilian Aldorfer (There's A Nazi On The Terrace) -all included on various recent compilations- come up at these rehearsals, along with a batch of songs which remain unreleased. Italian punk fanzines start writing about the group ('Xerox', 'Coca Scola' etc.). In March 1979 the group changes its name in The Gags and start work on a self-financed e.p.. The actual recording session takes place in north Milan, in the very same recording studio where Mittageisen recorded their single a matter of weeks before. Shortly after the recording session, the EP is cancelled. It will see the light of day in 1996 (see THE GAGS). The Gags keep up a hectic rehearsals schedule until summer, without any prospect of live gigs. by passerotto room service 2004