ANX ARMY (Glezos):
voice & guitar
(Paolo M.): drums
STUART: bass
LAMB: guitar
(guest on some sessions)
(summer 1982)

THE HUNS  (September 1981/December 1982)

In late summer 1981, the Gags change their name in THE HUNS. Lamb leaves the band for his stretch in the army, and the group becomes a trio with Glezos on voice and guitar. The Huns go through demo after demo, going back for a while to the quartet format, with the enlistment of Claude Birch on guitar. When Lamb returns from the army, the group go into the studio to record two demos (Animal Discipline and Maximilian Aldorfer). The songs come from the Gags' repertoire, as the musical direction is very much the same. In late 1982, the Huns break up. by passerotto room service 2004