P.T. DAMPER (Paolo M.): drums
CAPTAIN VICIOUS (Tonito): bass
DODO: guitar
DANNY: guitar
(January 1979)
ANX ARMY (Glezos): guitar
('Hard Core session' - fFebruary 1979)
LAMB: guitar
(live 1-3-1979)

MITTAGEISEN  (January/March 1979)

Thrilled by Siouxsie & the Banshees' The Scream, in January 1979 Borstal Dampers change their name in MITTAGEISEN. After sacking Dodo and recruiting new guitarist Danny (another ex-T.V. Vampire member), the group start rehearsing songs for a self-produced single. The day before the recording session things seem to fall through, as Danny leaves the group, which turns to the Gags' Anx Army (Glezos) for help, asking his services as undercover guitarist. Glezos obliges, and during a 3-hour session (5-2-1979) the group records 5 songs at a small studio in North Milan (two takes of Hardcore, Sturmtrooper, the newly penned Transylvania 1760 and a cover of the Sex Pistols' Belsen Was A Gas). The group goes into the actual recording straight after a two-hour rehearsal, and as a result D.D.T.'s voice is almost gone. Hardcore and Transylvania 1760 are chosen for single release ("Why 1760? Because it's 200 years before my birth", says D.D.T.). 100 copies are pressed, all in A4, xeroxed sleeve reproducing a famous picture taken from the In The Gutter book. In the sleeve notes, two of the band members' names (D.D.T. and Tonito) have been changed to Sexy Sadist and Captain Vicious respectively. Only a few copies reach some record shops in town, as the single is sold directly by the group. After a cancelled gig in Bologna (2- 25-1979, with hundreds of posters in town announcing the gig -now sought after collectors' items), on March 1st, 1979 Mittageisen play their only gig, a matinèe at Liceo Beccaria in Milan (a famous high school). The group plays at 11 in the morning, following the performance of a proto-Lynyrd Skynyrd band. The group play a short set consisting of 5 Banshees covers, the Pistols' Belsen and their own Hardcore. An unreleased audience tape recording exists to this day. After heavy verbal abuse from the hippyish audience ( "You' re shit, and you know you are!"), Sexy Sadist leaves the stage. Mittageisen break up the following week. A month later, Sadist will form The Noise (a mod band), while Paolo M. and Tonito will stick together in the Chaos Brothers. by passerotto room service 2004