Adam & The Ants in Italy, 1978

The importance of the two Ants gigs in Milan in October 1978 is reflected by the reverberations they had on the burgeoning Italian new wave scene. It is not an overstatement to say that those gigs were a local equivalent to the first Sex Pistols gig in Manchester in 1976. In fact, the scene in Milan started to shape in the following weeks. The few existing bands somehow took inspiration from the Ants’ live act, while other groups formed as a result of the enthusiasm those gigs generated. People coming out of the X Cine Theatre were inspired to start something on their own: a group, a fanzine, a radio program. For some it was the beginning of a way of thinking that still goes on today. For others it was the start of a love affair with danger, and some lost their way back home. One thing is for certain. For many of us it was the first real chance to live something directly, rather than through magazines, films or books.

84 pages full of exclusive photos (b/w and color), extracts from fanzines, Italian pressings, ephemera plus English translations of the interviews Adam gave for the Italian media in 1977-78 (radio, fanzines and books). Limited edition.
A real labour of love..
Format: A4 - book
Catalogue n°: VSOP 109
Year: 2004
Text: English

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