"And the moral of that is - 'Take care of the sense, and the sounds will take care of themselves'"
Lewis Carroll, 'Alice's Adventures In Wonderland'
Welcome to our site !
El Passerotto is a label specializing in early italian punk (1978-1984). From 1995 onwards we released CDs, vinyl and books focusing on vintage material of historical importance, aimed primarily to early punk enthusiasts, critics, pop historians and collectors. Our catalogue is based on our archive, one of the most exhaustive of its genre. We released anthologies including tracks sought after by collectors and unreleased recordings by a number of bands of that scene. Most of all, this site is meant to be a reliable source of useful informations about early italian punk.
Visiting our site, you might find a title followed by the words 'Not Released-For Internal Use Only'. It refers to sample CDs or books not for sale. These are not proper releases, but reference records or books of some help to the El Passerotto staff. Most El Passerotto releases are based on re-designed versions of preliminary 'For Internal Use' first editions. Each individual El Passerotto release is issued in a limited, collectors-only promo version, with special contents and packaging.
For informations on the availability of our releases, please contact us.
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